Threads of the Divine

Threads of the Divine are the warp upon which we may weave our particular life's work. They are uniquely apparent to each of us in the form of dreams, synchronicities, and, personal insight and experience. Each of us has a special connection to the Divine in our personal lives. When we reflect upon the dreams, synchronicities, and experiences, the unique and loving presence of 'God' can be known. Spiritual reality is not only the domain of the Church, the ministers, rabbis and imams, shamans or lamas, although they may act as guides and helpers. It is the fabric of every moment of every life on this planet (and others for that matter), and it reveals itself to those who are prepared to look and listen.

This website shows how one particular dream over the years, has led to deeper understandings and enabled hope for change in a future world and participation in its spiritual evolution. A dream of 30 years ago prepared me for receiving new and uncharted concepts of who we are and why we are here. We will explore a dream that has pointed from the year 1977 to as far back in time as the 15th century in Spain, and through that connection, to the present day crop circle phenomenon that occurs in Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, the USA, Canada, Scandanavia, Switzerland, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, Korea and many other countries around the world. This connection then again points toward the future of Earth within the Galactic and Cosmic context, as well as to the ancient times on Earth where sacred sites were honoured with megalithic temples near which the crop circles are now formed. This thread has motivated me to explore the far past in history and to investigate and postulate possibilities for the future. I have become more and more in awe and wonder and thankfulness for the amazing knowledge that has been shared about our lives in this roundabout, multi-level communication of the dream.
And the dream is only one example of a Divine thread winding its way through our lives!