Love, March 11, 2010

Love is the Answer.
It is great beyond imagining.
It is the power, the essence.
It is She I Am Love,
Before and after all ages,
Within All Creation, the Origin,
The Initiator, the Sustainer and Receiver.
This is the power of I AM LOVE.

When you are open,
You know You are Beloved within Me.

An Invitation, June 16, 2010

Stand in yourself.
You are My Creature, My Child.
Your mind is a field for
My revelations.

This is your joy:
This is your pleasure and life–
My love for you in ALL circumstances.
It is creative; it is transformative.

You are my children, My beloved.
Open to this reality.
It is new and unknown.
Your faith and openness are required.

I am the quantum generator.
My Love is Supreme.
It is the rule and the ruling factor.

To be open in faith to this is your fulfillment and your life.

Your freedom is My Will.
Your choice belongs to you alone.

Love is My Invitation.