Personal Dreams Require Attention to Relationship

Forest Deer Dream - October 8, 1977

drawing of deer

Dr Jung was sitting at his desk as I entered his office. He walked over to the left to show me a small section in his office that was like a tropical forest. He entered the forest area, walked to the centre to a young fawn near a small pool. He lifted the fawn and talked about how he kept her. He fed it from the waters of the pond that were the same colour as the fawn, in right amounts. This way it kept healthy and not too big. He also changed the water every once in a while.

Explanation: This dream acts as an encouragement and a way of proceeding to work with the personal unconscious. Dr. Jung (the psychic authority for this person) informs the visitor that the treatment of a vulnerable and new content must cared for and nurtured with the attention specific to that person (the pool the same colour as the fawn). In short it seems to be a psychic permission to go ahead with some form of analysis in a non-intrusive way.

Umbrella Spider Dream - June 18, 2001

broken umbrella over child

I am at a farm wearing pioneer-type clothing, natural approach. Someone sat at a table eating a ‘purp’ with what looked like a pear with lots of seeds, using a spoon.

Someone said we did not live close enough to nature.

I saw a little girl near an umbrella skeleton. It was being used to hang things on.

Explanation: This dream is one of many appearing in a two year period and having to do with trauma during the time of the person's childhood. So to begin with, the dream is considered within that context. A farm is a place where food is raised or grown–a source of nourishment. The dreamer's attitude of, or need for truthfulness is reflected in the 'natural approach' clothing. The word, 'purp' is a homonym for 'perp', a perpetrator; the closeness to the name 'purple' can also contribute to the meaning in that the role of the 'purp' person may be one of authority in the scenario who would set the tone for the group, and/or one in need of penitence. The pear is associated with the Feminine Principle. It has 'lots of seeds'–similar to the pomegranate, symbol of rejuvenation and immortality. The pear in itself symbolizes good health, longevity.

The strong statement in the middle of the dream's two scenarios indicates that even though the dreamer longs or wants truthfulness, somehow those relevant to the meaning of the dream did not live in a completely truthful (i.e. 'natural', in the dream) way, to say the least.

The last part of the dream reveals an image of a fearful child kneeling under an umbrella frame that looks like it could be a spider. This is a good example of how the dream process uses symbolism to pack complex and sophisticated information in one powerful visual image. The function of the umbrella is to protect the user from exposure to rain or sun–too much of either being harmful. In this dream, the protecting aspect of the umbrella has vanished, so that the child remains vulnerable to harmful forces; she is not protected or nurtured as a child should be (the farm imagery suggests the need for that). The umbrella in the image seems more like a menacing spider. It has become the symbol of the negative influence a protector who abandons his/her role brings about.

The spider in traditional symbolism is highly complex, but related strongly to the Mother. As a negative figure it devours its prey in the web of life; as a positive figure it is the 'Thinking Woman', the Great Mother who weaves the web of life. In this particular dream, given the fear of the child, the initial situation in the dream, and statement about 'untruthfulness' in the middle of the dream, the negative effect of the mother is a strong association for this dream. The effect as understood in psychological terms could be mental confusion, introversion and difficulty communicating and operating in daily life.

This dream as a whole allows the dreamer to gain insight into a source of her predicament: Within the context of her early life, the fact of abuse or trauma that jeopardized her health and aspirations, and the absence of a protecting parent was not acknowledged or admitted. This repression of truth causes her anxiety, lack of confidence and inefficacy in conscious life. The dream is an invitation to clear the road with a basis of truthfulness; it is the balancing view to the falsity in which the dreamer was mired. She can begin to address it with a sense of vindication.

Green Birthday Dream - August 7, 2011

arrangement of green things

I was at my neighbours' apartment ( the man had big glasses and his wife was very small and blonde). There was a group of things arranged on a small table: a box of green pastel chocolates, a pale green orchid, a pale green iced cake and some other things. I sat in the apartment while the woman was busying about and the man sitting.

I suddenly realized that it was the woman's birthday, and wished her Happy Birthday. She was all happy and slightly embarrassed.....

Explanation: The man and woman are parts of the dreamer's unconscious (i.e. the masculine aspect and the feminine aspect of the psyche). In this dream, the masculine principle is at rest and the feminine principle is active. There is a birth of a new paradigm for the dreamer represented by the green chocolates, flowers and cake. The colour green in its positive connotation can mean: life, joy, confidence, renewal, abundance. The dream is essentially marking a new period in the life of the dreamer–one that is on a positive note.