Auditory Waking Dreams

thought balloons


The 'dream' phenomena called 'waking auditory dreams' in this website give a glimpse of how important information for the collective is passed on and also develops in detail and complexity over time. These phenomena might be called auditory hallucinations, however they seem to fit into a category of phenomena called paracusia, a person hearing a voice speak one's thoughts, or, at least deep intuitions that reveal themselves as spoken word. Generally there is no explanation for these events in non-psychotic individuals. The research is ongoing. Whatever the cause, source or inclination of the individual, these 'dreams' have a similar effect as do an 'artist's inspiration', a dream, or a channeling. It seemed important to include these messages in the website since they are relevant and inspiring for everyone.

Emy told the dream group of Thelma Avenue the first 'prayer' regarding the presence of the Great Mother on the Earth. This was received by her soon after the Second World War. Later, in the 1980's one of the group received a message which seems to be along the same line but more personal, with the point of catching the attention of the receiver.

In September, 2009 at the Chalice Well grounds in Glastonbury, England, another prayer-like message was received. This time it was when the person was at rest in a quiet outdoor setting after having walked around the gardens. The three main lines: 'You are my Mother', You are my World', 'You are my Life' were the first words to come, then two days later the rest of the prayer was filled in.

The most recent of this type of experience occurred in March and June of 2010. These occurred when the receiver was ready with pencil and an open, meditative attitude. These two messages differ from the others in that they seem to instruct us as to how to go about living as fulfilled and peaceful humans on Earth.