Emy's Prayer - Holding the Space, post WWII

She is the Infinite.
She is where I am.
She is the only power.
She is the only presence.
There is nothing besides.
She alone governs.
There is only good, love is all.
She alone rules.
There is no other power or presence.
She is my life; She is my strength.
She alone governs.
She is everything.
She is inside me and outside me and fills the whole space.
There is nothing but She.

Mother's Words of Light & Hope, 1980's

We want to live.
I am yourself.
I am always with you.
I am your reality, your present.
Open yourself to me.
I do not fail.
I am young forever.
I will be known to you.
We will live as one, whole, never lost again.
We are no longer strangers.
I am your life.

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