Collective Images and Dreams are for the Benefit of ALL

Church of the Wasteland - July 28, 2010

tank coming out of church

A military tank with Cheney and a soldier (looking like Obama?) came out from the inside of a cathedral. The cathedral was old stone traditional – Middle Ages. Outside, standing on a side of the cathedral above the level of the tank, where people couldn’t see, was Mary with a baby. She wore a white robe with a caramel over-robe, as did the child. Her hair was golden-amber, curled and so was the child’s. She was crowned, as the child was too.

As the tank exited the cathedral into the open, She turned away so that She and the Child would not be seen. She sort of turned towards the back and away from the cathedral, towards another place. It was very sunny outside.


The Mother and Child–crowned, beautiful radiant hair, reminiscent of Mary and baby Jesus, represent the Feminine bringing forth the New. The colours of the robes, and the crowns on the heads identify the image as Our Lady of Mount Carmel, who first appeared to St. Simon Stock, founder of the Carmelite order, on July 16, 1251. Mary later appeared as Our Lady of Mount Carmel at Lourdes on July 16, 1858 and at Fatima on October 13, 1917. The geographical span of connections to Our Lady of Mount Carmel goes from the Middle East (Mt. Carmel) to Britain (home of St. Simon, to France (Lourdes) and Portugal (Fatima)–essentially the western Christian world. The image of the church represents institutional Christianity, that began in the area of the Middle East, and later split into the Protestant sector and the Roman Catholic sector. The Lady was present to the institution, as we know from the three apparitions referenced here and from other reports of apparitions around the world, for centuries. In this new image we are getting a hint that some kind of 'order' of force, aggression, righteous warfare and destructive activity has rendered the institution of Christianity an empty shell. Rather than providing the spiritual nurturance, guidance, mercy and justice encouraged by the Lady in her apparitional revelations, the Church generally condemns what does not coincide with its policies and encourages justification of destructive force in order to gain control over those considered 'evil'. In the dream this power complex, the American military industrial complex is symbolized by an army tank carrying a leader, Cheney, as well as a more 'benign' follower-type of moral order represented by an Obama-like soldier figure, as in 'The Universal Soldier". The complex has usurped and appropriated the authority of the Church, and holds the collective within the spell of intimidation and ruthlessness. It is operating out of control–off balance.

Travesties against the teachings of Jesus and the entreaties of Our Lady have operated within Christianity for ages, but NOW is a crucial time. The establishment of the New Order/Age will not come about through offensive means, but through the dedication to Life of which the Madonna with Child has been the symbol par excellence for millennia. Life and spirituality as represented by the Mother and Child cannot survive, let alone remain within the precincts of the obsolete approach to maintaining order/peace.

The dream seems to be saying that the whole inner aspect of the social, religious, national and political structures of the West has been destroyed. The vital spiritual centre now exists outside of these institutions. In a way the populace is left to fend for itself for this need. Yet leaders continue to act in the name of justice and righteousness to uphold the aggressive and at times violent action of governance.

The Lady is leaving and moving to another, different place with the Child. Is that different place the place of the heart? In the relationships we have with those around us? In the dynamics of our group? This inner space is probably the only territory that is out of bounds for power mongers. Whatever...the existing dominant culture is not related to the bringing forth of the New. We must find a new ground on which to establish this new consciousness, this new way of being. Leaving behind the old, as the figure of the Lady does in the dream is a beginning. The sunny day is a hopeful sign!


embryos in night sky

This image of children as stars within the Great Void appeared to Brenda Weinberg, sandplay therapist, about thirty years ago. Coincidentally, so many years after, it seems to be an answer to the problem posed in the more recent image of the Wasteland.

Explanation: The title of the image is almost self-explanatory: 'Starchildren in the Black Womb of the Primal Mother'. We see the well-developed human embryos in the great night sky, each one directly connected through his/her own umbilical cord to the Great Black Void, also known as the Mother of the Ten Thousand Things, the Great Mother, the Void, the Ground of Being, etc.

So as a solution to the Wasteland situation, we must turn to our own identity as 'children' of the Origin. Each member of the human race has a direct connection to the reality of the Ontolgical and Teleological, the Beginning and the Ending, the Alpha and the Omega. In order to sense this connection and to begin to understand what it means to us as individuals, we must 'Be as little children'. We can live in the world while innerly we gain strength, understanding and rejuvenation through our connection to the Ground of Being. Dream activity, intuition, imaginal meditations, personal journal work and alertness to synchronistic events in our daily lives are a few of the channels available to us for consciously connecting with Life.

Lady with the Giant Apple - March 7, 1981

lady with huge apple

Although this image appeared 33 years ago, it has informed me through the years with new insights and revelations. Just recently, as I was studying something about the Ourobouros, I realized that in a way the lady who is one and the same as the apple holds a very similar meaning to that of the Ourobouros: 'the image of self-sustaining Nature, endlessly recreating itself, and of unity in duality, the essential oneness of life, the universal serpent moving through all things.'(Tressider)

When I looked for the meaning of 'apple' as a symbol, the first word I saw in the dictionary (de Vries) was 'earth', and then 'totality' before I went on to think about it in the context of the image. Because of the overt exaggeration of the apple's size, I knew this to be a collective image. The woman is reminiscent of Eve in that she has the apple, yet instead of being offered it by the serpent, she somehow IS the apple. Her lips are close as if to eat it, yet she does not cause any harm to it and holds it in reverence.

Explanation: So, to reflect on the similarity to the Ourobouros, we see the Feminine aspect of human consciousness holding its Earth/Self in reverence. The Nature of Earth and human consciousness are One and the reverence in which the Earth apple symbol is held is the key to a cycle of rejuvenation, recreation and union of the spiritual and material for human life on Earth. In this image we see the source of nutrition and the nurtured as One. Being the apple, the woman may partake of the fruit, but also happens to be one and the same as the fruit containing the seeds of newness within. In a funny aside, we could apply the saying "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" as in, "Treat the Earth that you depend on for your life with the respect and love you would give yourself."

This symbol's meaning can be elusive, since it pulls in ancient imagery and combines it in a new way with concepts that trigger a new perspective on how we relate to Earth and ourselves. It is a representation of how human consciousness my participate in the cycles of rebirth and renewal of Nature. Perhaps there are even more seeds of wisdom to be gleaned through the attitude of the woman!

Glowing Globe - Dream passed on by Emy

Many people are gathered in a room around a large rectangular table so that some are at one end, and another group at the other end. The people are of various backgrounds, professions, nations and morals. Some are criminals, other leaders of society, others religious devotees–men, women, children–ordinary people. Everyone is looking in anticipation at the centre of the table where the globe representing the Earth is lying on the table as two hemispheres side by side, touching edges. The atmosphere is full of tense expectation.

A glowing light appears right where the two edges meet, on the inside. As all gazes look to that point of light, it takes on the shape of the Madonna with Child. The small light form increases and slowly grows to cover the two hemispheres completely from within. As this happens some one says: "Look, it is growing and covering the whole world from the inside, without any fuss or mayhem!" Everyone rejoiced.

Explanation: This dream was told in the 1980's, but had appeared long before that in Europe, perhaps in the 1950's. Initially, when told this dream, the image of Piero della Francesca's Madonna of Mercy, 1455 came to my mind. This early Renaissance painting is typical of the paintings commissioned by patrons to show their devotion to Mother Mary. The difference in the dream is that EVERYONE, not just the devotees are included in the merciful newness of the glowing light on the Earth. What is required is the will on the part of each person to attend to the beauty and importance of the event, as those in the dream do. As the dream suggests, it is an inner movement in each of us that will bring about the light instead of the projection of goodness and mercy onto an outside divine force.

What is truly heartening about this dream image is that it pulls together all differences–many different people of different life styles, as well as covering completely and evenly the two 'polarities' represented by the two hemispheres in which the globe is divided. It is a simple and clear illustration of how the unity of consciousness can come about on Earth: by the turning of our attention to the inner movement of the living spirit on Earth in each of us.

Beautiful Lady Dream - Passed on by Emy

Everyone is looking toward a stage. On the stage there are two thrones, one seating God the Father, on viewers' right, and one seating God the Son on His right, the viewers' left. Both thrones are situated at the front of stage. Both Father and Son are dressed in reddish pink robes. There is another throne at the back in the centre that is turned towards the back of the stage rather than towards the audience. The Father says to the Son, "Now, look at what I have prepared for the World".

At that moment, the figure in the back throne stands up and moves forward to the front of the stage to face the audience. We see that She is a beautiful woman all dressed in the same reddish pink robes. Her robes flow down to touch the Earth which is in front of the audience just at the edge of the stage. All are amazed and joyful.

Explanation: As the above dream, so this one is a dream told to this listener in the 1980's, but appearing long before in Europe, around the 1950's. What is shown in the simple yet profound imagery of this dream is that all the elements and aspects of creating on the part of the Demi-urge, represented by God the Father and His active counterpart on Earth, the Son, have been instigated in order to prepare Earth's consciousness for receiving the grace of the next stage in our evolution. It is represented by a beautiful woman who, being dressed in a similar fashion to the two male figures, must be seen as equal in status and power to them, although She was kept from clear view until preparations were finished.

The woman represents the Feminine Principle, functionally complementary to the Masculine Principle within the Creation Dynamic. We see the dynamic depicted in the Yin/Yang symbol of Eastern cultures. Since about 6,000 B.C., the Masculine Principle, the ordering, law-making, ideological, categorizing, exclusive, measuring, evaluating, competitive function has permeated civilizations around the world. It is well established and in parts of the world has developed into unbalanced extremes of energy, precipitating exclusion, duality, prejudice, warfare, injustice, destruction. The ordered world is now in need of a sense of harmony, unity and wholeness. The Feminine Principle, which has always been present throughout history, but not leading the development of nations, politics, systems, etc., is associated with Nature, the understanding of justice as balance, the organic evolutionary path, pragmatism, inclusiveness, respect for all, the ecology as economy, and the importance of relationship and interdependence to sustaining life. This is the spiritual energy that must permeate the Earth's consciousness now. It is not an annihilation of systems in place, but a tuning into refining energies that will allow human life on Earth to continue as a positive, balanced life pattern.